At Swimdo, our dedication to drowning prevention and aquatic education continues to drive our mission forward. We’re excited to share the latest update from our NGO as we gear up for a significant milestone: our participation in The World Conference for Drowning Prevention in Perth, Australia.

A Global Stage for Drowning Prevention

The World Conference for Drowning Prevention is a prestigious international event that brings together experts, organizations, and advocates from all corners of the globe. This year, the conference is set to take place in the vibrant city of Perth, and Swimdo is honored to have been invited to share our experiences and insights on a global stage.

Preparation and Dedication

Preparations for the conference are in full swing at Swimdo. Our team is diligently finalizing our presentations, which will focus on our innovative approach to drowning prevention and the impact we’ve made in Bali and throughout Indonesia. We believe that our experiences and strategies can serve as valuable lessons for the global community, and we’re eager to contribute to the ongoing efforts to reduce child drowning incidents worldwide.

Agus’ Passport: A Happy Ending

One of the hurdles we faced in our previous blog post was the delay in Agus receiving his passport. We’re thrilled to report that this obstacle has been overcome, and Agus is now ready to join the team in Perth. With our full team in place, we’re more excited than ever to showcase Swimdo’s dedication and expertise to a worldwide audience.

Looking Forward to Collaboration

While the conference is a significant opportunity to learn and share knowledge, it also presents a chance for us to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations from around the world. We’re looking forward to potential collaborations, partnerships, and the exchange of ideas that can further strengthen our mission.

Stay Tuned for Updates

As we continue our journey in drowning prevention, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates on our preparations, experiences at the conference, and the valuable insights we gain. Swimdo remains committed to protecting and enriching the lives of children through aquatic education, not only in Bali but on a global scale. We are eager to embark on this new chapter and make a positive impact in the fight against drowning.

Our team is excited and prepared to make waves at the World Conference for Drowning Prevention, and we’re grateful for your ongoing support in our mission. Together, we can work towards a safer aquatic world for all.

Thank you as always,

Indira Santi, Director Bali

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