Through community-based intervention, Swimdo aims to create a scalable, sustainable, and comprehensive model that targets children in those communities most at risk.

Via the implementation of our survival swimming, water-safety, CPR, childcare programs, and research, Swimdo has and continues to reduce the rate of drowning in Indonesia. Furthermore, Swimdo aims to develop a program that is implementable in low-to-middle income communities (LMICs) throughout Southeast Asia and the world.

“Swimdo has not only given me the gift of knowledge, but it has also empowered me to help my own community.”

Agus Satria, former Swimdo graduate and current local coordinator

Our Approach

We believe that every child should have access to free aquatic education. That is why we work with organizations around the globe to iterate our curriculum, raise money, develop best practices and increase our impact.

Our work helps to educate children, young adults and families about drowning related dangers. However, we also work to create generational change in the communities in which we operate. By training a child to swim, by teaching them the values of aquatic education, Swimdo is able to impart unto them the necessity of survival swimming and water safety.

Swimdo believes that this knowledge transcends generations and will lead to our graduates insisting on their children learning the valuable life saving skills they have learned through Swimdo’s curriculum. This is how we create a cultural shift toward recognizing drowning as a leading and preventable cause of death.


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