At Swimdo, our staff is composed of local directors, coordinators and instructors that work directly within and for the benefit of the communities we serve. Our team’s main task is to provide quality drowning prevention programs free of charge. From these programs, we identify and condition our best students so they have the opportunity to train with our team and become program instructors themselves. In this way we are able to sustain programs well into the future and help create a cultural awareness of the dangers of drowning, as well as provide a means to prevent it.
Supporting our local staff is a focused, small US-based team that oversees administrative and fundraising efforts, and lends guidance to our programs and curriculum. The goal for our support team is to one day enable Swimdo programs to run and grow autonomously, with minimal support from US counterparts.

Here, you can get to know the people behind our organization.

Indira Santi

Program Director,

Ni Made Indira Santi lives in Keramas, Indonesia and now spends much of her free time enjoying the beach. She understands firsthand how important swimming education is for the children of Indonesia – as she too was unable to swim before graduating from the Swimdo program. Indira holds a Masters Degree in International Economic Development from The University of Western Australia and currently serves as the Program Director for Swimdo, Indonesia. Her primary goal is to ensure that all young people throughout Indonesia have access to an aquatic education. Indira’s unique approach and impressive vision for Swimdo has and continues to shape the way that the organization operates and grows.

Pandit Wiguna

Finance & Media,

Pandit was born and raised in the village of Kramas, spending much of his childhood in the coastal areas playing football. When he isn’t helping Swimdo, he works as a photographer, capturing scenes throughout Bali. Once a survival swimming student, Pandit has been with Swimdo since the beginning. As our local lead for both finance and media, Pandit provides the world a window to the positive effects the Swimdo program brings to his home country. Being a part of the organization is a joy for him because he loves to help his local community and interact with Swimdo volunteers from across the globe.

Agus Satria

Legal & Operations,

Agus is one of Swimdo’s very first graduates. From early on it was clear that Agus was having trouble floating (a core requirement to graduate from Swimdo) but after several lessons, he started to catch on, and after graduating the program, became one of Swimdo’s first local instructors. Agus himself has taught over 1000 children to swim. He now helps Swimdo as a legal and operations consultant, helping to develop our program’s footprint in Indonesia. When he isn’t busy helping Swimdo, Agus operates his own law firm and represents individuals throughout his community. Agus takes pride in the positive impact he has on the lives of children in his home country.

Seamus Pettigrew

Seamus is a lifelong water-man and surfer. He co-founded Swimdo in 2015 and since then has moved to Australia with his partner and son. He currently helps manage Swimdo’s extensive network of local coordinators, instructors and US-based donors. His vision of a safer world for children fuels Swimdo’s expansion throughout Indonesia.

Neal From


Neal is a former lifeguard, collegiate swimmer and National Geographic expedition leader. He co-founded Swimdo on the principle that all children deserve to be protected from the dangers of water. Currently he acts as the Executive Director for Swimdo.

Andrew Latimer


As a native of coastal California, Andrew’s connection with the water runs deep. Swimming competitively as a youngster led him to become the swim team captain at UC Santa Barbara, from where he would graduate with two degrees and be honored with the Golden Eagle Award for academic excellence as an athlete in his senior year. He holds a US Coast Guard Credential and is a certified lifeguard, swim, and water sports instructor. At Swimdo, Andrew helps develop internal systems, provides organization-wide strategy and manages budgets, expansion and new programs.