At Swimdo, our passion is safeguarding the lives of children through aquatic education, especially in high-risk communities in Bali. We believe in the transformative power of water and strive to bring swimming and drowning prevention to as many children as possible. In this latest blog post, we’re excited to share the latest developments and initiatives that are shaping our mission.

Expanding Our Reach Across Bali

We’re proud to announce that Swimdo has been making waves across Bali with five active classes:

1. Gianyar: We’ve been conducting two successful classes, teaching vital swimming and water safety skills to children in the region.

2. Badung: Our newest class in Badung is already making a significant impact. Every Wednesday, we’re thrilled to have 10-12 Greenschool students participating in our program. Our founder, Andrew, recently had a conversation with the school’s head, exploring the possibility of a social media feature to showcase the students’ incredible dedication to Swimdo.

3. Buleleng (North Bali): We’re currently running two classes in Buleleng, extending our mission to protect and enrich the lives of children in the northern regions of Bali.

A Collaborative Journey to Rote Island

One of the most exciting developments is the collaboration between Swimdo and Greenschool high school students. Their project to teach swimming to children on Rote Island, a small island next to Timor Island, is nothing short of inspiring. The father of one of the Greenschool high school students is generously funding all the expenses to fly our team to Rote Island.

From October 25th to 29th, our dedicated team members, including myself, Agus, and Pandit, will be traveling to Rote Island to teach Swimdo to local kids. We’ve managed to secure the participation of around 100 students, and we’re eager to explore opportunities for community collaboration. This could include organizing water safety workshops for local fishermen or boatmen who take surfers out into the ocean. We’re committed to making a lasting impact in this area and are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Indira Santi, Director Bali

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