Gung Candra

  • Age - 16 years old

  • Home Village - Medahan, Bali

  • Favorite part of Swimdo - Making new friends

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? - Chef in Japan

From the instructor...Gung Candra is not only a Swimdo student but also a student at Slukat Learning Center, Swimdo’s partner organisation. He joined Swimdo with hopes of learning how to swim and at the end of his class, he achieved this goal! We spoke with Gung Candra after graduation and he told us he gained not only swimming skills, but also built friendships with the other students and Swimdo Instructors. The first time Gung Candra came to Swimdo class he was shy among the new students, however he is a totally different person around his friends. When you get to know him he is such a funny, cheerful and cool guy. He is one of the most diligent students as well. Beside joining English class and swimming class he also participated in a computer coding class and leadership program. The most important thing about Gung Candra is his kindness and dedication. Outside of school and Slukat activities, he spends his time helping Swimdo with our food bank program and vegetables distribution. Gung Candra dreams is to be a chef and work in Japan or America in the future.-Denta