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  • Age - 12 years old

  • Home Village - Biya, Keramas, Bali

  • Favorite part of Swimdo - Lessons with my cousin Agis.

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? - Professional Athlete

From the instructor...Let us introduce you to one of our future athletes, Diams. Being a professional athlete is not a common dream for Balinese, but Dimas insists that is his goal. Cycling around 2 kilometres every day from his house to the pool, he said riding is the second thing he loves the most after swimming class. Dimas mastered Ayam Pesawat Polisi (survival backstroke) very quickly and went on to try freestyle. Once he learned freestyle there was no going back. He was hooked on swimming! While still not perfect, his effort convinces us that he will be one of our best swimmers.-Agis

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